Monday, 31 March 2014

Our Appointments - External Colours

We signed our contract the last week of February, one week later our CSO called us and all started.

Our appointments were booked for the 14th and 19th of March. We really wanted our appointments as soon as possible, but it seems there is a big queue, still We think that showing our flexibility help us as, we got the appointment for the next week.

We were well prepared for the appointments. We knew what we wanted and also knowing our budget made things easy as we weren't asking for many thinks.

The External Appointments is really a mix because you choose external colours but you have to choose as well some internal elements of the new house.

We had a lovely consultant that help us to not over utilise colours in our building but she was also accepting our decisions very well. This was important for me, as I have been reading so much about people following trends but at the end I want a house where I can feel comfortable.

As I said before, we prepared a lot. As part of my (our) preparation, I printed out my facade and started to paste the colours (real colours). Hubby didn't like it as he said colour variation from printed paper wasn't really helping us. However, this gave us some ideas and it is better than nothing.
I really think that nobody can really know how the house will be until it is ready.
You can research, pick up samples, print stuff, but at the end, the real look will be a 'surprise'.

Well, too much writing and no colours.

Our selections:

Roof tiles: Bristile Prestige Palladium
Bricks: PGH Mocha
Mortar: Off White – Raked joints
Fascia: Surfmist
Gutter: Surfmist
Downpipes: Dune
Water Tank: Dune
Meterbox: Dune

Windows frames: Pearl White

Driveway: Gunmetal / Regal tile stencil with brick header border

Render to balcony: Sublime 
Render to corbel base&top of piers: Sublime

Garage Door: Surfmist – Profile Flatline Woodgrain
Cladding: Arctic Cotton
Feature Corbel Brickwork(balcony): Arctic Cotton

HOB Handrail - Balcony: Surfmist

Entry door: Clear timber finish

I just realised that writing this post is very useful. Right now, I am thinking about our garage. The brochure doesn't mention our selection. So, in our internal appointment I will try to take a picture, and re confirm the name, just in case.

Also,  i hope the internal (and last appointment) is very soon as we don't like to have pending stuff.

This image is only to give an vague idea. This is from Metricon software, our facade has some similarities to this and also our colour selections.

Next post, it will be about Kitchen.

See you then :)

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