Saturday, 8 February 2014

Colour Selection ....

Don't get too excited...We haven't had our colour selection but we went to DiLorenzo yesterday. 
We were happy enough with the range in the Prestige range so we started to pick our colours...
it was relatively simple... especially after seeing other couples with different colour samples. We only went with our iPhones and all the info that we could get on the phone.

Our preliminary colour selections are:

Main Bathroom and Powder:


This colour is more whitey than in this pic...This is our original picture:


Feature: (ACC055)
Again, the picture is a little bit deceptive as they are little glasses.





Main Floor:

Well, these are our preliminary selections. PLEASE feel free to comment or suggest anything.



  1. Hey VP, how did you appointment/s go this week?

  2. HI! I think they went well.
    The first one, colour was really good. we did our homework and even prepare a word document with the elevation, colours, questions, etc. Our consultant helped us out with some recommendation, basically to keep our palette (light colours).
    We asked for sliding doors on the Master with 2 mirrors, we know the quote from another person, so if it is the same we will be happy), also we ask for melamine instead of wire and we are hoping this will be free, as we already know that 2 other person had it for free.
    And also we asked for the quote for changing 3 doors in ground floor. Let's see the quote!!!
    The second, landscaping was one of my favourites, the guy was really good. and seeing the design on the fly was great. Now, we have to face reality with the quote.
    Our las appointment was kitchen, it was supposed to start 2pm, but we were half an hour early, so we decided to looking around the showroom. So the consultant met with us early! We asked for some 'basic' stuff: kick board, 2 colours and poly on the overhead cabinets, and the 2 waterfalls ends.
    Also we wanted a different colour of the stone in the Ensuite, she explained us that we can have different colour for kitchen, laundry and bathroom, that's it... still I insisted a lot about this and she will asked WH about having 3 colours but with the ensuite different to the other baths.
    We finish early, went to our lot and met our next door neighbour! so, really full on day!!!
    Now, waiting for next round on wednesday.