Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tender requested

Today we requested our tender with Wisdom Homes. We've finally decided to go for a Majestic 35 with just a couple of changes to cover the basic council requirements for a corner lot. Additionally,  we requested some small extras, nothing fancy as most of our requirement are already covered by the default design.

Our land is close to the bush, so our BAL reports says that our lot is a combination of bad news..  we have BAL 40, 29 and 19. That means our construction expenses will be increased. Anyway, we like the location of our land and we expect get a nice view from the balcony in the first floor. We've chosen the Savannah Facade, this is more or less how the house would look like:

Savannah Facade by Wisdom Homes

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

One month after we discovered Voyager Point

Hi, it is already a month since we discovered Voyager Point. It is incredible how things have been unfolding. Two months ago we weren't thinking in buying a house, at least no this year and now we've already exchanged contracts and we are looking for a builder hahaha.
No decision yet in regards of the builder, we've visited Wisdom Homes, Ichijo, Metricon, Masterton and Rawson. So far looks like we are going for Wisdom Homes.
Here are some pictures from the first time we visited Voyager Point (06/08/2013). We saw the land release on Internet in the afternoon and we decided to pay a visit returning from work. We couldn't see much but anyway we decided to take the risk and put an hold-on deposit for one lot. The following Saturday we went during the afternoon and we fall in love with the place. The neighbourhood looks quite nice and there is also a train station close by.. (some of the most important requirements for us :-) )

We can't wait for the settlement to get the ball rolling...