Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fence is gone and driveway is ready

Hi guys, seems like the building is finally coming to a end. No sure we will miss the 4 times a week trip to check what was new in the house. However, there are still plenty of things yet to start, but the main thing, the house is almost finished. Two weeks ago was our PCI, we thought it was just a informal walkthrough until a day before when WH sent us an email saying that our PCI was in the following days :-).
The PCI was around 3 hours, we brought to the meeting a list of observations that we compiled over our last visits, most of the items were still valid. Then we went through the house checking imperfections in painting, mortar in general, scratched windows and small details mostly. The meeting was at 7am and the SS was there before us, so he had already put some blue tape in several things to fix.
After the meeting the SS told us that he was able to accommodate all fixes and pending things in the next two weeks, so we can have the house ready before Easter. We were a little bit sceptic about the date, but after one week, it seems we may be able to get all things done. 

The biggest issue highlighted in the PCI was that the kitchen bench (or the tiles under it) were a little bit misaligned. We were told that it may be possible to play around with them to hide the misalignment. It is not a big issue, I didn't even notice, but my wife found it.. and as the SS told us, once you saw that kind of thing, it will bother you forever. 

Pending for this week are: fix this misalignment I mentioned, finishing the water tank installation, driveway sealing, carpet installation, replace damaged windows, mortar fixing, painting fixing and some gyprock repairs, main door painting. It sounds a lot now that I'm writing down the list, but we trust we will make it. The settlement day is  scheduled for this Thursday. Let see how things unfold...
Some photos from the last week:

The inspection certificate of our driveway.

The driveway was poured on Wednesday.

Yesterday, we went again to the house and we found that the fence is gone.. also the preparation works for the landscape were done. We are planning to to the landscape ourselves, so yesterday was the first time we can appreciate the magnitude of the work that is coming for us... :-)

Some dirt is still to be removed.

Now, the house feels a little bit .. how to say it... naked.. haha.. Anyway we will have the blinds installed this week, and the side fence is scheduled for the week after, so we can have a little bit or privacy. 

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  1. We're building with Wisdom also. Great blog. Your house looks great. Colour selections are great... Are you in, how is the house and landscaping progressing?