Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Slab.. done!!!

Our slab was poured today :-) It was very early in the morning, so no chance for us to take a look. We hope things keep at the same pace.  We just came back from VP, we had dinner in front of our lot, as a celebration for the slab :-) (it was just pizza, coca cola and 15 degrees Celsius), somebody was walking the dog close to our lot and gave us THE look. I hope she didn't think we were doing something weird. Anyway, here some photos. I reckon nothing else will happen for this week, so we will stop going to VP at least until next week.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Waffle pods

Hi, we still haven't heard anything from our SS, however things are still happening in our lot. Today we found that the waffle pods were already placed, we reckon the slab is getting closer everyday. Here I'm leaving you some photos of how our lot looks at the moment. Enjoy :-) 

Monday, 28 July 2014


Some months ago we decided to start cultivating the hedges we will put on the path towards the main entry. We were trying to decide between English boxes and Japanese boxes. At the end we decided for English boxes as these grow taller than the Japanese ones (1.5m vs 1m). We bought our first 3 in Masters, it was 2 dollars each. Next week we went to Bunnings and bought 5 more to almost 3 dollars each. At that time I saw some business selling hedges on ebay, but I wasn't sure about buy as most of them are in Victoria, no sure why there aren't any around NSW. Anyways, the other day we found some disposable pots that went thrown away, around 20. So we decided give it a go and buy some hedges in ebay. I found a business that was selling plants of 25cm for 3 dollars (but without pots, just single plants with naked roots). In Bunnings a plant of the same size is $15 each. 

At the end we bought 15 plants, so it was $45 + postage = $60 + 3 pot mix bags = a Grand Total of  $72
If we would have bought the same in Bunnings it would have been 15$ x 15 = $225 
So far, the plants seem to be perfect. The old ones have plenty of catch up to do ;-)      

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Piering and drainage works

Today we went to do our usual visit to our land. Unluckily, it was already dark, we weren't expecting any change as we weren't notified of anything to be done in our land during this week. In fact our SS doesn't have our  file yet. Well, results that the piering and drainage work has been already done :-) a little bit surprised (but surprised in a good way). I think we will need to make our visits more often. This week was the end of the estimation phase, and the orders for materials have been already requested. I guess our slab is getting closer every day :-). It was really cold today at VP, we took some pictures and left really quick as we weren't prepared for the weather.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Excavation works have started!!!

Hi, more news today, the excavations works have started and now the site is totally flattened. I hope things keep happening at the same pace :-) 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Now we have a fence

Today the fence was installed, according to WH the excavation work supposed to be done at the end of this week.. so they have one more day to do it. We will go back during the weekend to check if there some other change. Happy so far to see that finally, all the steps we saw in so many blogs are happening for us.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Finally... the most awaited Portaloo ever

Last Friday we received an email from WH letting us know that something would happen this week in our lot. Today we received another email saying that the initial excavation works will be done during this week.. Finally some action will start happening in our lot :-)
So, coming back from work we decided to pay a visit to our lot, and we found the so awaited portaloo...  
We had idea that something may be happening so we've packed the tripod with us, so we were able to take some snaps playing around with the camera's exposure.  Here some of the best ones

Oh.. and we definitely weren't expecting this, we found a fox in Coach Drive, it was eating something, no sure what.. but seems something that was alive some minutes before... I hope when people moves in it goes away.. I don't think I'll feel comfortable walking alone.. hahaha