Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Finally... the most awaited Portaloo ever

Last Friday we received an email from WH letting us know that something would happen this week in our lot. Today we received another email saying that the initial excavation works will be done during this week.. Finally some action will start happening in our lot :-)
So, coming back from work we decided to pay a visit to our lot, and we found the so awaited portaloo...  
We had idea that something may be happening so we've packed the tripod with us, so we were able to take some snaps playing around with the camera's exposure.  Here some of the best ones

Oh.. and we definitely weren't expecting this, we found a fox in Coach Drive, it was eating something, no sure what.. but seems something that was alive some minutes before... I hope when people moves in it goes away.. I don't think I'll feel comfortable walking alone.. hahaha


  1. Congratulations! You spent a lot less time in admin than we did. Great to see some action on your site! If it's anything like our build, things will happen pretty quickly now.

  2. Thanks guys! I like to think that everything will go faster now... The only think I won't like will be the extra payments ....but that's life!

  3. Wow! The portaloo is indeed a relief to have around. It being in the center is quite awkward though but well, you have the option to move it wherever convenient, so you've got some freedom for that.