Monday, 23 February 2015

Some internals

Hi all, here some pictures of today's visit:

Our ground floors tiles are in the garage ready to be laid. 

The garage door mechanism... it seems to be small for the door :-)

Cabinets in the main bedroom

Main bathroom

Tab of the bathtub in the main bathroom, no happy with it, it is too short and water falls outside the bathtub.

The towel rail was placed in an incorrect place, we requested explicitly to be placed close to the spa, as we were planning to put something else in that place. I wonder if houses would be less expensive if builders do less errors. Now in order to move it, they will need to remove the shower glass, remove the mirror and replace 3 tiles.

Dinning room, with lights :-)

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  1. Hi VP
    Can't wait to see your tiles.
    Seriously - same thing happened to us with the bath tap! Mine was hideous though, and it should have been a waterfall spout right?? We ended up going out and buying our own one and getting them to install it instead. Make sure you measure it, it was hard finding anything half decent for the length required. Couldn't find another waterfall one anywhere, we're happy with what we got anyway because it blended, but my god so frustrating go buy a new one!