Saturday, 14 February 2015

Façade is almost finished

Sorry for the car photobombing.. but I liked this picture, the sky was just so full of colours... The façade is almost finished and now we can see the colours in real life. We think now that the combination was a little bit risky, but I think the final product is looking good, now we need to think about the colour of the fence, so it matches the same palette. Our garage door will be surfmist, close to the colour of the fence with our neighbours and to the first floor cladding. The balcony is missing the rail bars yet and also a privacy screen in the right side, which was required by CDC. 
For the fence we are thinking in using modular walls system but we are still trying to decide if we should go all around the corner until the driveway (1.8m decreasing to 1.2m high in the corner and front) or whether we should just put some retaining walls with some shrubs (like a raised garden bed) for the delimiting the land.
We have been growing some Lilly Pilly Acmena var minor (28 of them) in the balcony of the place we are living now, and we have also some English Box (around 60). 
Our idea is to use the English boxes to create a path towards the door and put the Lilly Pillies behind the modular wall (in case we decide to go all round the corner), or put them in top of the raised bed garden (if we decide to go for that).. decisions... decisions... :-)  

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