Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Getting closer.. slow but closer

Some photos of the progress done during the last weeks. The house is taking shape and  finally we feel close to the end. Last week I've received a call from the Site Supervisor saying that he was leaving WH and that he will hand over to another person. We will have a meeting with him tomorrow morning, we hope we can get an approx. date of completion. Our previous supervisor told us some months ago that the house will be finished on February, however we see that very unlikely. We hope we still on time to finish in March, we'll update you as soon as we know. The house is looking beautiful, we are really happy with the options we took, with exception of small details such the mirror in the ensuite.. when we realised that having only one mirror was an upgrade, it was already late to do any change. Anyways, enjoy the photos :-)


  1. Hi VP - your house looks great, I love the horizontal tiles you've used in your bathroom they're beautiful. How annoying is the mirror thing - we were never told we had to upgrade that either, I was pretty p1ssed about that at the time too. Anyway, it's less mirror to have to keep clean ;) I don't think you'll make Feb but I think you should get ready to be moving in next Month!! Good luck with the new SS - basically what happened to us too, hope they're keen and can finish it all off. Cx

  2. We had our meeting with the new supervisor today, nice guy and very direct to answer our questions. As you said, yes he also told us that, we may have our house ready for mid March. He showed us some dates and confirmed us that he has booked the following tasks already. Putting the tiles horizontal instead of vertical was a last minute decision. When we got the free upgrade, we asked the person that was helping us.. what was her opinion horizontal or vertical and she told us horizontal... so we just followed her advise which, we think, was spot on :-)