Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bank Approval

We have suffered a lot to get to this point!
All I can say is that I hate BW bank, I hope to move to another Bank as soon as possible.

Anyways, after weeks of anguish we finally got the letter  :)

Now we are happy and we will try to keep it positive.

We are waiting for the Final End Panel (we signed the draft on 27/5/2014) so it's been 11 working days of waiting.  According to our CSO this could be up to 15 working days...So we are not so far away.

Happy days ahead :)


  1. Yay! Don't worry, it took StG a month to fix our loan documents up, too! Happy days now, we haven't had a problem with any of our progress payments so far :) You'll be posting up your portaloo photo soon!

  2. Great to hear you have your plans! Can't wait to see some action on your block!!! Oh the admin pain...... patience is definitely a skill that is trained by Wisdom. Maybe they should provide a 'certificate of patience' following the admin stage.

  3. true! I want my certificate to be added to my CV haha

    Also, we want to start soon! our neighbour has almost finished!!! (well, they were the first in our estate)
    What about a handover date for your house?

    1. Hmmm we have a tentative (verbal) date for PCI of July 10 and handover a week after that (hopefully). Once we have the formal confirmation from the office I will post it but you know how that office works!