Monday, 28 July 2014


Some months ago we decided to start cultivating the hedges we will put on the path towards the main entry. We were trying to decide between English boxes and Japanese boxes. At the end we decided for English boxes as these grow taller than the Japanese ones (1.5m vs 1m). We bought our first 3 in Masters, it was 2 dollars each. Next week we went to Bunnings and bought 5 more to almost 3 dollars each. At that time I saw some business selling hedges on ebay, but I wasn't sure about buy as most of them are in Victoria, no sure why there aren't any around NSW. Anyways, the other day we found some disposable pots that went thrown away, around 20. So we decided give it a go and buy some hedges in ebay. I found a business that was selling plants of 25cm for 3 dollars (but without pots, just single plants with naked roots). In Bunnings a plant of the same size is $15 each. 

At the end we bought 15 plants, so it was $45 + postage = $60 + 3 pot mix bags = a Grand Total of  $72
If we would have bought the same in Bunnings it would have been 15$ x 15 = $225 
So far, the plants seem to be perfect. The old ones have plenty of catch up to do ;-)      

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  1. OMG what a great idea. I would never have thought about looking at Ebay. You will have a little established garden in no time for a fraction of the cost. Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea - thanks so much Tina