Thursday, 16 October 2014

Upper Roof Tiling

We are having a busy week in our block!! Finally!!!

We have been on site this Tuesday, Wednesday and today(Thursday)

  • On Tuesday, we saw the delivery of the roof tiles. Our roof tiles are Palladium from Bristile. We took some pictures and we left the site just in time because as you maybe know we had the worse storm in Sydney of the last decade. However, as we learnt later, the rain wasn't too heavy at Voyager Point. We currently live in Sutherland Shire and we were really worry as in this part of Sydney the storm had really strong winds and heavy rain.
  • On Wednesday, we went again to assess the damage (that we thought we had) and for our surprise, we had a upper roof :) so happy. At least we will be less worried in the next rain, storm etc... I don't care anymore about the weather lol
  • Today, we went again, but with daylight to appreciate in more detail the roof. We are really happy with the colour, it looks like different colours in one. The clouds reflect nicely at dusk, and I have noticed that in my estate nice houses have light roof colour.
Here some picture:

Facade now with a roof. At 7pm

Close up to the tiles. 7pm

Another one, have no idea of the appropriate name for the joint.

A different colour depending on the sky, like a mirror.

Tomorrow, we have to receive a call from our SS, so we will know the next steps.



  1. Love your roof tiles! How did you manage to get close up pics?

  2. Hi VP! Your house is really coming along nicely. I love the roof tiles beautiful grey. Looking forward to more pics, and I hope everything has been going smoothly :). Cx

    1. Hello there!
      Yes, It was a really slow process (no action at all more than 1 month, but finally it is coming together!!1)
      Thanks for keeping up the blog we read it at least once a week!!