Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Brick Laying has started ... a month late

Hi, finally last week the brick laying has started, almost one month after it was expected, apparently WH can't cope with the demand and they are short of brick layers. Well, what should I care about it? We are paying for a house to be build, we are not getting it done for free, so as a minimum we were expecting the builder will have the personnel to accomplish its core business activity (build houses).

It has been very frustrating, first the weather and then in top of that the additional delay for the shortage of brick layers... WH seems to be taking more businesses that they can do or they don't care much about their customers. I hope they can make up for this delay, it is not just that we may get the house a month late, but any delay means lost money in extra weeks of rent from our current apartment.

This is how the house is looking today, the off-white doesn't look off-white, but as my neighbour told me, it may be that we need to wait a little bit and once is dry it may look different.

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