Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tiles out of stock... but we can't complain :-)

Last week we received an email from DiLorenzo saying that we will need to chose a different tile for the wall of the ensuite. Obviously we weren't happy with that, as It took us a long time to make the decision the first time and then another bit to convince the kitchen provider to use different colour of Caesar Stone.
Anyway we went there today and we weren't convinced by the other available options. We couldn't find some of the others tiles we picked the first time for the other bathrooms, apparently they  have been removed from the prestige package as they are more expensive now. The girl that was helping us proposed us to have a look into a lower category, we almost decided to pick one of those, but them we asked to another person in the reception and (apparently she is kind of a manager) she told us that, as it was their fault we can choose one from the upgrade options :-) yay!!!.. we saw this other tile from the beginning, but were reticent to spend more money.. at the end we got the upgrade for free and we also changed the floor tile too to match this new wall tile. The only thing we didn't change was the featured tile, as we like the one we choose months ago.  So this is the new tiles for wall and floor of the ensuite.


  1. We have chosen the same main tiles as you for our bathroom and en-suite.
    I looked back in your blog and your en-suite tile was DCW1482. I imagine we will get a call further down the line then. Still in Admin....
    I like your new selection.

    1. Hi Lunar62! Maybe you won't receive the call, the tile is not discontinued (according to them) but it won't be available in the next 12 weeks, that apparently is our timeframe. So, people still can keep choosing the same tile.

  2. Nice to have a win every now and then. Love the wall tile. We chose all three of these for our ensuite and after being in the house for nearly a year, I still like them as much as the day we picked them. Best of luck with the rest of the build :)

    1. Hi Cody Drysdale, thank you for commenting. I went to your blog and saw the pictures of the ensuite. So good to see the tiles in your Ensuite :)
      I think is a really good combination and nice tiles, to be honest not all of them look so good and not because we are going with this tiles now, with my hubby we were commenting about they should discontinue more tiles!! haha
      Also, your nickname sounded familiar, and I realise it was from homeone. I love to read from other Estates too is so interesting and always I'm learning about the process.

      Cheers and all the best in your house, well you are already enjoying it!

  3. Despite not being able to acquire your preferred set of tiles, it’s great that you had the privilege to choose from the upgrade portions— which probably had a lot of better selections. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

    Debra Newman @ Unique Stone Concepts