Friday, 21 November 2014

We are back...

Hi everyone, apologies for the long pause. These last week have been a little bit full on. I'm currently doing a master degree and I was finishing assignments and final exams. It is really hard to juggle the full time job, the master and the building of our house, however I've just finished my final exam and now I'm officially on holidays (only from the univ.).. well at least for the next 3 months :-)

There has been some progress in our house during the last weeks, it is still a little bit slow with some days with no activity at all, but the days where the tradies are working... man they are quick.

So, this happen since the last post:
  1. Brick work has been finished.
  2. Upper gutter and fascia.
  3. Air conditioned conducts and electrical connections were done.
  4. Roof Tiles for ground floor roof were delivered.
  5. Upper eaves.
  6. Some small carpentry works have been done inside the house and some damaged timber have been replaced.
  7. Scaffolding was removed 
  8. Gutter and fascia in ground floor.
  9. Electrical works
  10. Some ducts in powder room and kitchen.
  11. Building materials for balcony has been delivered.
I had a chat with our SS, he told me that the roof was supposed to be installed today but it was too hot. He also mentioned that next week the roof will be finished, the insulation will be delivered and installed and gyprock will be delivered on Friday. It is possible that plastered will start working the same day. Looking forward to next week.

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  1. It's amazing that you were able to do so much while juggling work, academics and the construction. Don't forget to take a rest, every now and then, though. Anyway, the house is looking even more gorgeous now. I hope everything will be finished soon. Good luck with your studies! Thanks for sharing!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton