Saturday, 17 May 2014

CDC and work in advance :-)

Hi everyone, the news of this week was that we finally got our plans approved by CDC, together with the approval, WH sent us all the documentation required to get the Construction Loan Application (stamped plans, builder insurance, builder licenses, among others). So, last Friday we sent everything to our mortgage broker, now we move again to wait status. In the meantime we are trying to do some work in advance like growing our hedgings :-) hahaha. Well we have at least 8 months before move so we opted to buy small hedges and start looking how they develop. If it is too slow we will buy more grown ones. We bought these in Masters, they were $2 each (approx), we are planning to have edgings in the path towards the entry of the house and maybe around the house to delimit the boundaries.

In March we bought a lime dwarf tree, which for now is in a pot, we expect it to be in one corner in our backyard.

Those are all the news we have for now. Our neighbours have already locked out their home and their neighbour has already his slab drying. There is also lot of things going on in Heartwood, some of the DHA houses look already finished and some of them are getting their driveway and fences done. If everything is still the same with our process we may start when someone is already living there :-)


  1. Hey VP, congratulations you must be so excited! All the hard stuff is behind you now, can't wait to start watching your home come to life! Have they given you a slab date yet?? Good luck!

  2. Hi! I didn't know they give you an slab date!! At what stage is this??

    Well, we are excited, but waiting for the Bank! :( I hope it won't take too long.