Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sod-turning ceremony

Hi there. Last Tuesday was the sod-turning ceremony of the development. There were some people from DHA and there were some announcements... Working will start as soon as this Monday :-) this is really exciting news for us. Apparently, houses from DHA will be finished around July, that's good thing as we wont be moving to a ghost town hahaha. We met some nice people during the gathering. But we couldn't find our neighbours. There are people in different stages, some people are already selecting colours while we are still struggling in choosing our bricks. This weekend we are planning to visit PGH and Boral to see in real life how our possible selections look like. Here a photo of the ceremony. 

Another nice surprise was that finally our lot got the SOLD sticker, so we finally got the opportunity of taking us the picture with the SOLD sticker.. something to print for the family album :-)

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