Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Waiting for registration

According to the DHA's solicitors.. the registration should be done in October, however we heard from other people that the registration was supposed to happen in September. We hope this is the month in the meantime... we have some videos to entertain us for now :-)


  1. Hi there, and good luck with everything! We are in the final stages before going to site for a Majestic 35 in sydney south west too. It's a beautiful house isn't it - have you visited the 34 display at The Ponds? I hope everything goes well for you, all the admin took such a long time for us to get through I just want to start already and get a slab before christmas! :)

  2. Hi TheMilburns! It is great to know more people with Majestic, so we can share our experiences. We love the floor plan, and to be honest we visited many homebuilders but The majestic won for us.
    We have visited the Ponds, Kellyville, and Minto. The Ponds because have a similar size, but it doesn't have the living in the first floor.
    We will follow your blog as you are ahead of us. I hope we can learnt from your building experience.